The Plan of Attack

Register your interest using the Google Form.
You will be sent a code for access to the wiki.
You will be part of a writing group.
You will have 5 weeks to co create your PTC artefact.
  • Keep it simple aim for 1000 words Max (no cheating :)
  • Use references
  • Discuss using the comment page.
  • Try not to use google docs as the focus and discussion is the visual open process, look up and check out the edit button.
Because of the size of the group, you will be split into groups of 3x RTCs.
This give 4 teams of 6x members to chat with a team coordinator and hangout host to help track the progress.

People power
  • 4x google hangout host, team Coordinator - I will train you personally to run a hangout discussion

  • You will need to join me two weeks before project launch because your task will be to co-ordinate your team.
  • 24 co constructors