Adaptive technologies
Dr Michael Harves
Connected Educators/Learners
Sonya Van Schaijik –
Cover Design & Explanation 2016
Terry Beach
Cover Design & Explanation 2015
Tristan Pang
Cover Design & Introduction 2014
Pam Hook
Cultural responsiveness
Annemarie Hyde
Cyber/Digital Citizenship
Monika Kern –
Data driven pedagogy
Stuart Kelly
Digital Collaboration
Craig Kemp –
Digital Communities
Karen Melhuish Spencer –
Digital Learning Tools
Richard Wells –
Disruptive learning
Philippa Nicoll Antipas –
e-ducators its about the mindset.
Dr Wendy Kofoed
Effective schools
Dr Wendy Kofoed –
Flipped Learning
Nathaniel Louwrens
Future Focused Pedagogy
Philippa Nicoll Antipas –
Innovative Learning
Sonya Van Schaijik
Learner Agency – more than just a buzzword!
Claire Amos
Learner efficacy –
Leonie Bennett
Learners as creators
James Anderson
Te Mihinga Komene
Sonya Van Schaijik –
Modern Learning Environments
Annemarie Hyde
On sharing the same space and good intentions
Pam Hook
On teaching agriculture in our schools
Christine Fernyhough
Steam: What is STEAM or STEAM Education?
Kat Gilbert-Tunney
Teacherpreneurs, Twitter and Transformation
Sandra Jenkins
The Collaborative Classroom
Al Ingham
Ubiquitous learning
Kerri Thompson
Nichole Gully
Tahu Paki –