Learning teachers are learning students.

  • Learn a different way.
  • Be disrupted and be disruptive
  • Revisit what it is like to be a learner with deadlines and feedback
  • Leave a legacy
  • Break out of a current education bubble (connect)
  • Learn with and from disruptive educators (collaborate)
  • Co construct a written resource for the education community (create)
  • Share with a wider audience via a hangout (celebrate)
  • Write a blogpost about the process (reflect)

This anti-definitional approach gives those involved in community activity the possibility, not having to build something that is already defined, but of creating new changes of their own to social life. Perhaps strangely, deconstructing community gives more scope for community action than does definition. Simon Feasey

We are using a Wiki because we can see from the history who has been busy and when.The process is the product.