The Registered Teacher's Criteria

We are building a teacher's perspective.
Update: we are now in teams and our first task is to list and then define our ideas about the PTCs we are working on.
There is also an #EdBookNZ book happening for 2015, but that is separate from this visible collaborative project for

If you want to have a go at creating, then please register

Visible Collaboration.

"Be part of the construction", Julie Lindsay.

A feedback from the last edbooknz project was how much more fun the collaboration was.
Therefore this year the aim is visible collaboration and visible co-creation.

By using comments on a wiki, we can see the discussion between the co constructors.

Please "sign" your contributions by marking with the code of 4 tildes (~) in a row so that we can follow up with you if we need additional information or leads to examples- this produces a signature when the page is updated, like this: - ulimasao ulimasao May 16, 2015

Try and do all writing directly on the page, and try not to use another tool - eg: Google Docs.
The focus this time is unpacking the Registered Teacher Criteria.

Part of the final product is a critical reflection on your blog about the process.

This will be added at the end of each page.

Practical Steps from PLC on TKI


  • Be proactive and committed to your own and other’s professional development in e-learning.
  • Be prepared to share your learning and your experience with your colleagues.
  • Join learning communities, such as the Enabling e-Learning community, to extend your professional learning within and beyond the school.

I would include make your learning visible and include the following SOLOtaxonomy extended abstract thinking
  • Take part in #edchatnz on twitter
  • Share learning virtually on TeachMeetNZ and others
  • Critically reflect using #edblognz and actively give and receive feedback.
  • Create and leave a legacy for other educators