Welcome to EdBookNZ

The yearly book project is coordinated by Sonya Van Schaijik
Basically 10 New Zealand Edubloggers agree to write a post about current Education Jargon.
This gets put together in a book and published Digitally for everyone to access.
If you want to buy a book you can, however please be aware that we receive no royalties.
The books are published at cost.

Practical Steps from PLC on TKI


  • Be proactive and committed to your own and other’s professional development in e-learning.
  • Be prepared to share your learning and your experience with your colleagues.
  • Join learning communities, such as the Enabling e-Learning community, to extend your professional learning within and beyond the school.

I would include make your learning visible and include the following SOLOtaxonomy extended abstract thinking
  • Take part in #edchatnz on twitter
  • Share learning virtually on TeachMeetNZ and others
  • Critically reflect using #edblognz and actively give and receive feedback.
  • Create and leave a legacy for other educators